Only start attending classes with baby at about 2, 3 months. A baby’s filtration system only develops at about 8 – 10 weeks. For this reason, some experts say human babies need the first three months of life to give their brain and central nervous system the time needed to mature. Breathing starts to regulate and begin to soothe herself. This time between birth and the end of a baby’s third month is a unique stage of life that many now refer to as the “fourth trimester.”Babies of this age get far too stimulated

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Our programme is designed well into toddlers very active stages Most babies/toddlers stay in our classes until about 24 months and then they are able to continue with the Monkeynastix programme. IDEAL!

Most definitely. Babynastix is a programme drawn up in consultation and endorsed by an OT, MBBch paediatrician and early childhood developer educator (all are mothers too). Babynastix looks deep into the life and brain of a baby and understands the importance of stimulation. so you can be assure that no matter where baby is in her first year , she will benefit dramatically

We would love that. All your baby’s caregivers play an important role and must be empowered to boost baby’s development

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