“As an Occupational Therapist I would highly recommend Babynastix for any parent! It is a resource for parents focusing on exercises and age appropriate activities for your child. It explains and educates parents with easy step by step activities especially for parents without specialized education in child development. Most of the techniques and principles shown, are used by Occupational Therapists in practice.”

-Lauri Oosthuizen, Stimustation, Centurion, South Africa.


“I think it’s wonderful material – I really do. Almost makes me wish mine were that age again- I think the programme looks so much fun! I like the way that the focus is on enjoying time together with your little one but at the same time, really stimulating their development. It’s practical, fun and excellent in terms of stimulating development also like the range of ages included in the appendix on developmental milestones- I think parents often forget or are unaware there’s a wide range of normal and get anxious about totally normal variations- this programme doesn’t focus excessively on when your child must be achieving particular milestones but recognizes that development is a process and you are working at stimulating that process.”

– Dr Holly FranceMBBch, FCPaeds (SA). South Africa


“As a paediatric Occupational Therapist and franchise owner/sports instructor for one of Australia’ largest multi-sport and exercise programs, I found the content of the Babynastix program invaluable for any new parent. It provides basic developmentally appropriate activities which stimulate all the senses; and gives baby a great little workout to encourage the best start to a healthy active life”

— Carmen Dodds. Occupational Therapy Board of Australia (AHPRA). Australia